FAQ Outgoing

>> What are the basic requirements for TBS undergraduate students and graduate students to participate in the exchange program?

Undergraduate Students

  • Official second-year or third-year student standing in the undergraduate programs, namely Thai, BBA and IBMP
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • English proficiency scores (TOEFL or IELTS) specified by partner universities

Master-Degree Program

  • Official first-year graduate student standing in the master programs, namely MBA, MBA-HRM, X-MBA, MAP, MS-MIS, MIF, MIM, IMBA and IBMP*
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 from the first semester of the graduate study year
  • English proficiency scores (TOEFL or IELTS) specified by partner universities

Note: *The IBMP students who have participated in the exchange program at the undergraduate level under TBS agreements are not eligible to apply for the exchange program at the graduate level.

>> How long is the exchange period?

  • Fall Semester:      August – December
  • Spring Semester:  January – May

Note: The exchange period may slightly vary among partner universities.

>> How much does it cost for participating in the exchange program?

The budget varies widely, depending upon costs of living in each particular country and personal preferences.  The estimated budget of 300,000 – 400,000 Baht per semester is conceivable.  This excludes a regular tuition fee that each outgoing exchange student needs to pay.

>> Are there any scholarships available to provide financial support to outgoing exchange students?

TBS Level

  • Four scholarships for needy undergraduate students in Thai & IBMP programs and one scholarship for one BBA needy undergraduate.  Scholarships can be provided in full or partial schemes, some of which cover a range of tuition fees, allowances and accommodation.

TU Level

  • Two scholarships from UMAP supporting Thai university students, mostly undergraduates, to go on exchange at other foreign universities.

>> When is the application period?

The application is available on-line from November to January in the following year.

>> How many credits are the outgoing exchange students required to transfer back to Thammasat Business School for graduation?

Undergraduate Students

  • No more than 18 credits per one academic semester to be transferred back to TBS

Graduate Students

  • For regular graduate students, no more than 9 credits per one academic semester to be transferred back to TBS
  • For IBMP graduate students, no more than 25% of the entire curriculum credits per one academic semester to be transferred back to TBS

>> Where can we see a list of partner universities?

Please visit our website on partner universities.  It is noted that not all partner universities will offer an exchange seat quota to TBS every year, depending upon an exchange balance record that we have accumulated.

>> Where can we view the exchange seat quotas from each partner university?

Normally, a set of the exchange seat quotas becomes available tentatively in November.  It will be announced at the information sessions and communicated on-line directly to the outgoing exchange candidates.