Graduate Students

Graduate students from both partner and non-partner universities with Thammasat Business School (TBS) can apply for the non-degree student program through the Master in Finance (MIF Program) or the Master of Business Administration (Global Business Management).  It is a non-degree seeking program where the students can study for only a semester and earn transferable credits for graduation at their home institution upon which the course equivalency is approved by both institutions. They are required to meet the qualifications and general requirements as specified by each program.  The tuition fees, including other administrative fees, apply.

Academic Calendar

MIF Program

Summer:  First semester - May – August
Fall: Second Semester          - September – December
Spring: Third semester -       January – April

GEMBA Program

Spring:          First semester           -       January – May
Summer:          Second semester   -   June – July
Fall: Third semester              -   August – December

Academic and Administrative Fees*



Tuition fee (per credit)

MIF administrative Fee (per semester)

University fee (per semester)

Library fee (per semester)

Computer network fee (per semester)








GEMBA (Non-Thai Student)

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

GEMBA (Thai Student)

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester









Remarks: Fees may vary due to number of credits and additional fees such as library fee, computer network fee, insurance fee and TU student registration fee.

Qualifications *Subject to change without notice

1) Applicants enroll in a foreign university accredited and approved by Office of The Civil Service Commission of Thailand
2) Applicants must complete the first year of study or at least 15 credits at the home institution
3) Applicants achieve an accumulative GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00
4) Applicants prove their achievement of the 550 GMAT scores and/or the English proficiency test scores (80 on iBT TOEFL and/or 6.0 on IELTS)

Note:    > The TOEFL and IELTS tests must be taken within the last 2 years, and 5 years for the GMAT test.
                 > MIF Program requires at least 80% on Quantitative Part on GMAT.

Application Requirements

1) Completed application form
2) An official copy of passport
3) An official copy of transcript
4) An official copy of testimonial from the home institution to prove the student status standing and English proficiency standard
5) A course registration / equivalency form
6) An official copy of the GMAT and/or TOEFL and/or IELTS scores

Note:  All applications will be considered by the admission committee. 


How to Apply

The application form is available on-line (downloadable application form).  Please e-mail it together with other scanned application requirement documents to

 The information packet will be sent to you when the admission process is complete.


Application Deadline

Semester Program
First semester March 31st November 30th
Second semester June 30th April 30th
Third semester October 31st June 30th


Registration Requirements 

The non-degree students are required to register at least 9 credit hours per semester for GEMBA program. It’s not required for MIF program.  The maximum course load is 4 per semester, subject to the committee’s approval.  They can cross register the courses among the MIF and GEMBA programs and Pridi Banomyong International College (Thai Studies). 

Approval of course enrollment is subject to seat availability.



Thammasat Business School does not provide on-campus dormitories for the non-degree students, rather than providing a list of recommended apartments located nearby the campus which is very safe.  It is highly suggested that an accommodation be arranged a few months in advance prior to their arrival.



The letter of acceptance is issued by Center for International Affairs of Thammasat Business School for which the non-degree students can use to apply the NON-IMMIGRANT VISA at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their country.