Visiting Professors/Scholars

Thammasat Business School regularly hosts professors / scholars / researchers to teach classes (undergraduate and graduate students enrolling in the international programs) and/or conduct high-quality research for a specified time period.  The visiting posts are available to suitable candidates from all accredited academic institutions across continents.  They have achieved recognition in their fields of research and hold an academic position in their home institutions.

The duration of the visiting posts can vary considerably – they can last from a few months to one year.  It can be one-off appointments or regularly re-appointed.  Our financial support for visiting posts is exclusively arranged on a case-by-case basis, yet no guarantee of financial support is made at any stage of application. 

Campus Resources

The Center for International Affairs serves as a central unit to provide necessary information about basic arrangements, including a workspace at School, a research & library database access and an IT facility (click here), so that visiting professors / scholars can conduct research on their approved topic while in residence.  Visiting scholars / researchers may audit courses on a non-credit basis with permission of the lecturer.


It is highly recommended that an accommodation be arranged a few months in advance prior to your arrival.  We will provide you a list of recommended accommodations where our visiting scholars and professors reside in (click here). 


A letter of acceptance is issued by Center for International Affairs of Thammasat Business School for which the visiting professors / scholars / researchers can use to apply the NON-IMMIGRANT VISA at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their countries.

How to Apply

Please submit the complete downloadable application form, CV, letter of financial support and letter of recommendation from the home institution via e-mail to