Discussing on future collaboration with representatives from France, Philippines.

On May 16, 2018  Ms.Kanokporn Banreangsri - CIA’s manager, along with our officers, Ms.Phatsaporn Suwannakart, Ms.Lalita Damrongkunkamjorn, Mr.Quang Tran Dang (Martin) gave a warm welcome to our precious guests. To begin with representatives from Philippines’ De La Salle University, Dr.Harvey T. Ong (Chairperson), Maria Victoria P.Tibon (Chair, Management and Organization Department),Cynthia P.Cudia,Ph.D.,CPA (Chair and Associate Professor, Accountancy Department), and Luz Suplico Jeong (Associate Professor of Marketing and Advertising Department). They also discussed on future collaboration. 

In the late afternoon, we discussed on a future collaboration with the representative of France’s Ecole des Ponts Business School, Martin Calnan (Director, Executive Education), Myinmo Zaw (Project Director), Raphael Goue (General Manager) and Achara Jesdaviriya (Business Analyst).


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École des Pont_๑๘๐๕๒๑_0002 De La Salle school_๑๘๐๕๒๑_0011   De La Salle school_๑๘๐๕๒๑_0006  
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